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Our mission is to provide children with a safe camp environment, and the staff are caring adults who are committed to their positive growth and development. We aim to provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement, where children will try new things and grow outside their comfort zone. Our ultimate goal is to provide a camp experience where the child will return home with new friends, increased self-esteem, and greater independence. Our intention is to make the summer/winter camps a positive growth experience that will last a lifetime. We pre-screen candidates and provide an orientation to camp employment so that our applicants are prepared for their summer experience. We attempt to employ the same best team every year, however changes may occur. Our company has 8 years of experience. Please meet some of our employees.

Katarzyna Siewruk


I am a graduate of the London Metropolitan University as well as the College of Management at the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation in Wroclaw. My mission is described above however in addition to that since we started in 2012 we have created ‘’gadgets and mobiles free camps’’. In practice that means that your child can use them daily within one hour spot. Camp is not a place and time to be online, is a lifetime where his real presence is needed.



A physical education teacher at Primary School and UEFA coach level C.

He runs an athletics club for children as young as 8 years old. His pupils win significant places in competitions. Mariusz enjoys working with children by running the Champions Łowicz Football Academy. He is an organizer of many tournaments, football and sports competitions.

He introduced the Ministry of Sport program to his school, which increased interest in many sport activities among students and resulted in an increase in the level of fitness among all students. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Social Sports Council at the City Hall in Łowicz. Mariusz has been working with us  for over 4 years and as a camp manager he is very patient, well organized and fair in every situation. He is also passionate about body building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



She has been involved in scouting for many years, hence her passion for rallies, picnics, kayaking, bonfires and playing guitar. She is also a mountain and sailing enthusiast. She loves to spend time with children, singing, dancing and reciting! She is our Vulcan of energy. Ania is an amazing camp manager, moral, ethical, responsible and is very well organized.


Katarzyna Białecka

CAMP TUTOR / 5 years with Olimp Tour

A student at the Cracow University of Economics. Katarzyna (Miss Kasia) is a professional kids’ entertainer and our amazing camp tutor. Kids simply love her. In her time off she organizes plays, birthdays, festivals, and fairy nights, providing kids with great entertainment. She is our ’right hand’, always helpful, disciplined and responsible.


CAMP TUTOR / 3 years with Olimp Tour

A graduate of University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk, she is currently a master’s degree student at the University of Physical Education in Krakow. A licensed kids entertainer who knows exactly how to manage a group of kids and youths. Angelika runs a very active lifestyle, therefore she is instructor of: snowboarding, bodybuilding, windsurfing and kitesurfing. An extreme sports lover, she is conscientious and cheerful, and above all creative and patient.


Miłosława Wasiak

CAMP TUTOR / 3 years with Olimp Tour

An English, German and primary school education teacher, she is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. She loves running. Working with children gives her a lot of joy and satisfaction. She often introduces her ideas when working with children in camps. Many times she went an ‘’extra mile’’ to make children happy and also introduced them to a lifestyle i.e. preparing sparkling flavoured water with fresh fruits. She won’t give up her daily routine and runs at 6am even at our camps, therefore she’s full of energy every day. She is always smiling and for her nothing is impossible.


CAMP TUTOR / 4 years with Olimp Tour

A travel enthusiast, mother of two children, and a wonderful tutor. For several years she has received the sympathy of parents and children. Ania is an aunt who you want to come back to. Warm, understanding and patient, she loves to exercise and eat healthily. Her creativity and manual skills are appreciated by children at the camps. Her group will never get bored.


CAMP TUTOR / 5 years with Olimp Tour

A student at the Cracow University of Economics, he is a financial auditor and football instructor He is passionate and works as a kids entertainer at the weekends. Despite so many activities he finds time to travel and focus on work with children. He devotes himself to work with children with full commitment, heart and smile. Both, kids and youths simply love him. He knows how to gain their sympathy.


CAMP TUTOR / 2 years with Olimp Tour

An English studies student who currently works as a support teacher in a private primary school. Passionate about sailing, mountains and aquaria, he loves working with children. His experience gained at school trips and winter camps helped us to make a decision about the hiring. This was definitely a good decision as it’s been 2 years now and Michał has had an amazing impact on teens and kids. He is very disciplined and responsible with a great sense of humour.


CAMP TUTOR / 3 years with Olimp Tour

A football enthusiast and Licensed (UEFA B) Manager of the Reiss and Ostrovia Football Academy. He loves skiing, which he has been practicing for over 14 years. He gained experience in childcare during sports camps. He knows exactly how to manage care for both younger and older groups. Working with us for more than 3 seasons we can easily say that he is the right person in the right place. Many new ideas and quick problem solving are some of his best assets.


CAMP TUTOR / 3 years with Olimp Tour

A graduate of a master’s degree in Pedagogy, kids entertainer, theatre and tv actress. Aga has many years of experience in working with children and teens, both on camps and as an international kids entertainer. Summer and winter camps taught her how to enjoy and be the best friend of the group, and at the same time be responsible and watch over the safety of children.

She is cheerful, discreet and organized. Her passion is acting and thus she has acted in the theatre and has appeared in Polish television series. Agnieszka is the ’magic soul ‘at our camps!


Gained Bachelor degree of Tourism and Recreation at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Passionate about mountains ie. hiking, walking, climbing.

There is no ”free time” in his vocabulary. He creates music, plays guitar and teaches children how to play. He happily presents his skills at our camps. He is always smiling and very honest. He has a few years of experience, having been with us for 3 seasons.


A graduate of post-graduate studies in Early Childhood and Pre-school Education, Paulina has over 5 years of experience in both in camp care and as a kids entertainer. Currently working as a pre-school teacher, her passion is Zumba, skiing, and trekking. She loves volleyball and kayaking. Paulina has been with us for 2 years. Responsibility and good time management are the basis for her amazing work.



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