Due to the fact that we belong to the European Union, the child may travel with a passport or ID card. All visas and passports must be obtained by the parents or guardians. Olimp Tour does not assist with visa attainment.
We provide direct return transport. We are very concerned about the safety of children while travelling to and from Camp. Therefore they are always accompanied by our friendly Olimp Tour Camp teachers. Please go to Transport section for more details.
There is a daily routine at our camps. Each day is divided into six activity blocks. The days includes fixed points such as waking up, warm up, meals, after dinner break. During blocks there are activities such as: trips, workshops, classes and other activities. Free blocks are filled with indoor and outdoor games, swimming and sunbathing. Camper’s day is fulfilled with activities. A detailed program of the day is always determined directly by the staff according to the i.e. Weather conditions, group activity, coach availability for sightseeing tours, and many other factors, which we are not able to predict in advance. For example, if it rained staff will propose alternative classes, and during sunny weather sunbathing. Of course, daily program will be so chosen to accomplish all points of the program.
Yes but we recommend to give an old phone. Please not that your child will only have that phone available for an hour each day. It will help take their mind off home.
The camp programme is packed, so they really won’t have time to use them.
Camper Pack is an essential document in order to accept your child into our camps. It should be completed and returned to the office two weeks four after receiving it. Downloads.
At every Camp site there is a qualified nurse who will ensure that your child takes medication at scheduled times. For any additional information regarding the health of your child, please precise description of symptoms (including allergies), and medication take in the Camp Card or provide additional doctor’s advice.
  • We’ll send you a packing list 2-4 weeks before camp.
  • We recommend you leave iPods, mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops etc. at home as we can’t look after them.
  • Children should bring their own suitable outerwear, such as a good waterproof anorak or waterproof trousers, footwear and casual clothes, including full-length trousers and long-sleeve t-shirts. There’s no need for expensive or brand name clothes that are easily lost or damaged either.
  • We provide all the specialist safety kit needed for our activities.
Over the years we’ve learned that the best way for campers to make a smooth transition to life away from home is to be busy from morning until night, caught up in a programme that’s dynamic, engrossing and fun. Some children get stuck in right away, others take a little more time – but our team are practised at encouraging children to join in and make friends, making the first-time camper’s experience a fun-filled adventure.
We recommend your child brings up to £50 for a whole time at the camp. Children will have opportunities to buy souvenirs, sweets and treats during our trips. At the very first day we are visiting currency exchange.